LEO's old pickup winder
SETH's old pickup winder
My pickup winder. Notice a resemblance? No machine guided wire here, I have to hand guide the wire onto the bobbin, just like the pioneers did. True scatterwound coils are the way to go!
Since this picture was taken, I've modified it several times to improve it, but it's still the same pickup winder.  I only use high quality magnets and magnet wire.  Every pickup is handmade. 
All pickups are $100 each (except the Sparklers)  and made to old world, high quality standards with the finest materials available.  Each pickup is made by hand, to order, especailly for you.  Select what you want and I will email you a paypal invoice.  Order fullfillment time is 2-3 weeks.  (WARNING- my T Bridge pickups are slightly microphonic on purpose.  Not for super high gain applications!)
Once submitted, I will email you with a paypal invoice.
For pickup rewinds, email me using the contact page.
"Pin-Up Pickups" are finally available for sale individually. Each pickup is made entirely by hand, with the finest materials available, and to the highest standards possible. From the assembly of the bobbin to the final touches, Eric is the only person involved in each pickup's manufacture. These are not made by trained lackeys or machines, Eric personally winds each pickup by hand, on a direct drive pickup winding device that he made after studying the early pickup winding devices of the electric guitar pioneers of the 1950's. The wire is guided by hand, producing a scatter wound pattern in the coil that cannot be replicated by any machine. This is the secret behind the tone of the great pickups that are so sought after today. The finest USA made alnico magnets are sourced for production, as well as the best quality USA made enamel coated magnet wire. The alnico pole pieces are charged magnetically by Eric using a magnet charging device of his own construction. No corners are cut to keep costs down, the aim is to make the highest quality, hand made, best sounding boutique pickups available.

T-style bridge pickups feature copper plated steel elevator plates, 42 gauge enamel coated coil wire, Alnico 2, 3, or 5 magnets, cotton string wrapped coils, slightly staggered pole pieces for an even string response, and cloth covered hookup wire. These pickups are made slightly microphonic on purpose, just like the originals, and should not be used for super high gain applications. T-style neck pickups feature nickel (not brass) covers for a more clear tone, alnico 5 magnets, 43 gauge magnet wire, cloth covered hookup wire, and are hand dipped in lacquer just like the originals. Sets can be made reverse wound and reverse polarity for hum canceling in the middle position, or can be made the same polarity and winding direction if desired. S-style pickups utilize alnico 5 magnets, staggered pole pieces for an even string response, 42 gauge enamel or formvar magnet wire, reverse wound / reverse polarity middle pickups for hum canceling in the 2 and 4 positions, and are lightly wax potted in a mixture of paraffin and beeswax. Outputs vary and can be custom wound to your specifications. Custom pickups with radical designs and looks are also available, like the Sparke-T set in gold, silver, or red.
T- Set of 2 (reverse wound for hum cancel) $200
T- Neck Pickup only $100
T- Bridge Pickup only (slightly microphonic) $100
S- Set of 3 (Reverse middle for hum cancel) $300
S- Single Pickup $100
Sparkler T-Set (specify Gold, Red, or Silver) $240